Mater helps patient with rare neurological condition

17/05/2016 2:30:14 PM

Mater helps patient with rare neurological condition

Mater Centre for Neurosciences and associated Mater teams have generously donated their skills to improve the life of a Filipino patient suffering from a rare neurological condition known as Lubag.

Neurosurgeon Dr Sarah Olson and Neurologist Dr Alex Lehn performed Deep Brain Stimulation on patient Gerhard Infante to help alleviate pain and give Mr Infante a much better quality of life.

Lubag is a genetically-inherited dystonia only physically seen in males on the island of Panay in the Philippines. The debilitating Parkinsonism symptoms and dystonia present as abnormal prolonged muscle contractions, hyperextension of the back and tongue protrusion.

Dr Alex Lehn and Dr Sarah Olson said they are proud to share their services in the Mercy tradition to help those who are less fortunate.

“It depends what the driver is from your work that satisfies you ― and for both of us it’s not the money, for both of us it’s making a difference for people,” said Dr Lehn.

“Initially I thought I would have to say ‘I’m sorry we can’t help you, you’re not an Australian citizen’. It was heartbreaking. We took the case to Mater Private Hospital Brisbane who have kindly donated their time and services.”

Dr Sarah Olson would dearly love Mr Infante to have the same outcome as his uncle who they operated on five years ago.

“He’s a young man with a young wife. Two of his brothers have died from this, with another brother also affected. We’d love to give their family hope again,” said Dr Olson.